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Coventry Mayors

Coventry Mayors interred in the London Road Cemetery: (In order of Mayoral year)
Name   Mayoral Years Buried Square Grave Map
Thomas Morris1830/311852Sq 57Gr 40
Thomas Banbury1836, 1845/461862Sq 51Gr 14
Abraham HerbertClick to view image18381847Sq 51Gr 1Locate this on a map
Cleophas RatliffClick to view image18391857Sq 35Gr 2Locate this on a map
James Sibley Whittem18431884Sq 34Gr 3
William Clark18441863Sq 68Gr 10
Richard CaldicottClick to view image18471871Sq 35Gr 4
Bryan Dunn1849/501869Sq 27Gr 4
William Sargeant1851/521866Sq 74Gr 11
Samuel NewsomeClick to view image18531869Sq 27Gr 27Locate this on a map
William Lynes18551885Sq 37Gr 1
Charles DresserClick to view image18571862Sq 51Gr 8
Henry Soden1859, 18731888Sq 52Gr 42
Francis Wyley18601888Sq 53Gr 8
Thomas Soden1861/621868Sq 53/54Gr 25
Robert Harvey Minster1863/641873Sq 29Gr 1
James Marriott1865/661913Sq 67Gr 59
John GulsonClick to view image1867/681904Sq 28Gr 9Locate this on a map
Robert Arnold Dalton18741893Sq 55Gr 11
Samuel Berry18751889Sq 57Gr 43
Joseph Edge BanksClick to view image1876/77, 18831909Sq 38Gr 26Locate this on a map
Henry Scampton1878/791890Sq 67Gr 2
Albert Samuel TomsonClick to view image1881/82, 1886/87/88, 1896, 1901/021904Sq 58Gr 4Locate this on a map
James Maycock1884/851919Sq 53Gr 41
Charles John Hill1889/901902Sq 43Gr 8
George Singer1891/92/931909Sq 49Gr 1Locate this on a map
John Baird Loudon1894/951910Sq 95Gr 33
Thomas Webb FowlerClick to view image1897/981922Sq 110Gr 126
Alfred Henry DrinkwaterClick to view image1903/04/051934Sq 99Gr 109
William LeeClick to view image1906/07/08/09/101924Sq 101Gr 41
Alick Sargeant HillClick to view image1916/171921Sq 35Gr 41
Joseph Innis BatesClick to view image1918/191932Sq 58Gr 150
William Hewitt1922/231924Sq 34Gr 13
Frank Snape1924/251852Sq 52Gr 103
Fred LeeClick to view image1926/271926Sq 20Gr 1Locate this on a map
Alfred Joseph MakepeaceClick to view image1928/291929Sq 19Gr 98Locate this on a map
William Henry BatchelorClick to view image19301937Sq 44Gr 12
Vincent Wyles19311952Sq 65Gr 26
Oliver Mead FlinnClick to view image19321952Sq 59/66Gr 17
Thomas Edward FriswellClick to view image19341960Sq 66Gr 27
Charles PayneClick to view image19351958Sq 193Gr 168
Arthur Henry BarnacleClick to view image19361946Sq 115Gr 140

Mayor portraits courtesy of Coventry History Centre

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